SURVIVOR 300 - a compact watermaker

The SURVIVOR 300 is a light weight and compact watermaker installed in a shock resistant, non corrosive case, ready to plug in and run. All you need is a fresh water source (from a lake, river or borehole) and a 12 VDC power source from your RV battery pack or the SURVIVOR’s solar panels.

The SURVIVOR delivers approx. 180 liters of fresh water per hour. 100% free of viruses or bacteria.

Every SURVIVOR 300 is complete and includes a prefilter, an ultrafiltration membrane, an activated carbon filter and a diaphragm feed water pump.

• self-sufficient

• transportable, light weight

• simple to use, ideal for mobile application

• 180 litres of fresh water per hour, free of virus & bacteria

• replaces huge amount of bottles

• no tools, no infrastructure required